About Us

Personalised Approach

Kyle has been assessing Canterbury's properties for more than seven years, with a keen eye for detail and a thorough approach. You are sure to get an in-depth  report, which far exceeds that of the national standard.

This ensures that one of the most important financial decisions that you make will be the right one.


A commitment to technology helps Kyle stay on top of the game. By ensuring that this is a major part of professional development it allows Kyle to provide accurate reports.

  • A robot means that a full inspection of the sub-floor can be completed.

  • An elevated pole camera provides access to restricted roof designs.

  • A thermal camera ensures underfloor heating is functioning correctly.

  • A moisture meter detects moisture through walls for a healthy home. 

Reports on time

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround of the critical information so that you can make your property decision quickly.